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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher Vaidas
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun Vipas
Best Accuracy with Machine gun Vipas
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun Vipas
Best Accuracy with Rail gun Vipas
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher Vipas
Best Accuracy with Shot gun Vipas
Best Overall Accuracy Vipas
Best Killer with Gauntlet *BigGun*
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher *BigGun*
Best Killer with Lightning gun *BigGun*
Best Killer with Machine gun Vaidas
Best Killer with Plasma gun *BigGun*
Best Killer with Rail gun *BigGun*
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher *BigGun*
Best Killer with Shot gun *BigGun*
Best Killer with Telefrag *BigGun*
Haste Hog Vipas
Mega Slut *BigGun*
Quad Whore *BigGun*
Regen Romper Vaidas
Best Efficiency *BigGun*
Best Killer *BigGun*
Highest Kill Streak *BigGun*
Award Listing for Best killer with rail gun (top 50)
#CountryPlayer Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1XX*BigGun*20 6 3.33
2XXszimas9 6 1.50
3XXVaidas20 21 0.95
4XXVipas13 22 0.59
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